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The death of Steve Jobs greatly impacted us. Not only did the man make us “financially secure” but the way he lived his life has been an inspiration. We have a propensity to greatly admire those that live on the outskirts of “normal.” We spent plenty of time with brilliant outcasts in school to know that Valedictorians are over rated.

We do not put ourselves in the same sphere as Jobs, but have an affinity to the way he made “no excuses” or apologised, rarely, for who he was. In many respects, we lived a similar path of “self-discovery” sans the drugs and rock and roll, shutting down the “noise” and doing it our way. We did not care what others thought, and less about what they thought about us. We were never bothered by “personal” opinion that had no bearing on what we wanted to achieve in life. As stated many times over, we are not here for a popularity contest and; what seems to be of great importance to other people doesn’t even register on our radar. However, loyalty can NEVER be compromised.

Whilst we all graduated with a degree in something, we never stopped learning or growing as a person. Jobs said after dropping out of college, he dropped in on some courses that he found “fascinating” such as calligraphy. Later with the creation of the Macintosh, he incorporated the beautiful typeface fonts he learned in calligraphy class. As a collective downrange, we took up language courses including sign language which gave us a unique ability to “read” people, all the whilst pretending we did not know what we knew. There was something to be said about being a fly on a wall and acting ignorant, whilst having a brilliant “other” career.

Jobs’ “authorised” biography gave lots of credit to the man who admitted to the world that he was no saint and; wanted the book to be a raw reflection of the man himself. We don’t think he was a perfectionist either. He just knew what he liked and did not let anyone or anything stand in his way.

Later in life, he stated he did look at the man in the mirror and started to live every day as if it was his last. During his most difficult times of his pancreatic cancer, he put out sheer brilliance including the iPhone and iPad.

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