What does Donald Trump’s election mean and why ALL Americans must be self sufficient!

November 9, 2016 at 06:44 (2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump, Ethics, Hillary Clinton, Social Media, Women Empowerment, Your Bottom line)

Hi Peeps,

The “Trump Stump Brigade” will strive to fell the diversity pool that makes America great. This country was built by immigrants and will continue to be defined by them long after he is gone.

While President-elect Trump managed to reach out to many disenfranchised Americans in the rust belt, he also completely alienated a whole sector of the populace he called “Rapists, Drug dealers and Terrorists”; even so far as accusing President Obama of being the founder of ISIS.

Indeed this was an historic election. One for the ages. No doubt this election and results will be studied for years to come. Despite the fact that a percentage between 20% to 36% felt concerned and scared about the future and; even a higher percentage at 63% did not like or trust him, Trump still managed to win the highest office in the land with no political background or understanding of the three branches of government. He stated, “I will ask Congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace” Obamacare. If Congress is already IN session, there is no need to convene a special session.

Americans, it appears, have too long held out for hope for a “saviour.” President-elect Trump is not it. The role of the President is to be a Steward; to guide others by example and inclusive action that has a lasting and impactful benefit. What was evidence during this election cycle was that President-elect Trump had to be guided himself and cajoled into certain actions and inactions, as the case may be. This included a halt to his Twitter rants.

During the campaign trail, Secretary Clinton was not the only victim of his off coloured comments. In one instance, he made fun of a disabled journalist and on the other; stated Senator John McCain was not a hero because he was captured. He preferred heroes not to be captured. Melania Trump’s words resounded loud and clear, when during an interview, stated she had “two boys at home.”

President-elect Trump’s loss in his home town of New York, coupled with the upcoming Trump University trial, plus his Twitter and campaign rants, should provide a clear indication of the true personality behind the facade. CNN Political Commentator Van Jones had stated that we are living in a social media world, where bad behaviours are rewarded with increased followers and likes.

Americans can no longer rely on a personal bail out. They must rely on their own steam, their own conviction, their own will power and their creativity. They must also rely on their own research, stop following the herd and; think for themselves. The idea of being self sufficient and self reliant is not a dream. Comfort, complacency and fear has crippled many communities and individuals from action. We must stop waiting around for the next great “Hope.”

We have to STOP “Waiting for Gadot” and get on with life.

We hope that President-elect Trump realises his enormous responsibility to shepard a new era; advance the country forward and; protect the rights of ALL its diverse citizens.

Healthy | Mindful | Wealth

Twitter contact: T.E.A.M. @gabriellebourne. #ADVOCACY

© 2016  |  Gabrielle Bourne – T.E.A.M. @gabriellebourne


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“Insanity rules” @TheView reboot: Same Look, different Co-hosts.

September 9, 2015 at 11:15 (Social Media, Women Empowerment, Your Bottom line)

Most of us know the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result.” Well, that is how ABC’s The View feels like with their latest reboot.

Granted, there will always be a mis-match in Human Capital when hiring and casting talent. Unfortunately, if you keep changing stripes each and every time a formula does not work…should you NOT change the formula? The View changes co-hosts as often as I re-decorate my livable space.

It is also painful to watch this constant “Overdraft” happening in front of my eyes. Please STOP the insanity! The producers think that by changing the set, it will be a different show. This goes for the parade of co-hosts past and present. I happened to LIKE Rosie O’Donnell and Rosie Perez. Their departures, especially Rosie Perez’s reminded me that ABC’s The View is no different than the Today Show on how they handled Ann Curry on the air. It was quite painful to watch Rosie Perez tearfully say her good byes on air! SO CRUDE!!!

The producers should take a playbook out of CBS The Talk, instead. The ladies of The Talk have a RELATIONSHIP with their audience, both in front of and their television viewers. They are engaging and collabourative. They agree to disagree, without getting nasty about it. In addition EVERYONE’S opinions MATTER! Importantly, they have a winning FORMULA. You definitely know the direction of the programme, beginning, middle and an end. It is very basic, like the evening news, BUT it works!

I TRIED to give this NEW reboot of The View a try. It was terrific to see Joy Behar back in the co-host chair. I was a FAITHFUL viewer of The View at inception and launch; but honestly MOVED on to the ladies of The Talk in recent years. It is also nice to see Candice Cameron Bure, but a bit taken aback that she was not MORE involved at the beginning of the show, discussing of all things debate over Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis. I am a Liberal who knows how wrong this move was by the producers, regardless how ABC tried to spin it!

Regardless, I wish The View well, and hopefully ABC and the producers can work with the current talent to produce a show worth VIEWING!

Healthy | Mindful | Wealth

Twitter contact: T.E.A.M. @gabriellebourne. #ADVOCACY

© 2015  |  Gabrielle Bourne – T.E.A.M. @gabriellebourne

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View existing comments for Social Media Newbie to Savvy

March 16, 2010 at 09:10 (Social Media)

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Social Media Newbie to Savvy

March 16, 2010 at 09:01 (Social Media)

In 2004, we entered the Social Media marketplace because of Facebook. Six years later, are still collecting “quality” friends, and not nearly at the maximum friends of 5,000, set by Facebook. We believe in “qualitative quantity.” We select based on shared visions and common thread, instead of just the numbers.

There is no secret to attaining success with Social Media. Just like any other platform, you build a solid relationship through shared resources. There is no “I” in Social Media. It is less about “self promotion” and more about “how can I better the lives of my connections?”

So what are some posts or status updates that are “meaningful” for people? Many status updates are riddled with quotes both famous and infamous. Why? They are packed with great meaning and can be personally interpreted by the reader. Personal journeys also resonate with readers because people genuinely want you to do well. You do have to draw the line at “very” personal. Whilst we like to support your success, we prefer not to hear ALL your “dirty” laundry. Afterall, we don’t even know you well enough for that!

Share your victories and the latest news, such as a promotion, a new business, a blog you started. Positive reinforced connections are the most valued. On the other hand, limit your spam rituals, i.e. constant reminders of upcoming events, “smileys” and “gifts” such as the Blingee books on their Facebook wall. Gifts might be fun to give, but they are a headache for the receiver with hundreds and sometimes thousands of “thoughtful” friends who do exactly the same. You will also encounter individuals who post, but never interact with their connections. This is not advisable. People want to know you took the time to respond, especially true if you have a fan page.

Whilst we enjoy Social Media, for all it has to offer, we never made a profession of it. Becoming a social media “expert” is all the rage! We enjoy the media for what it is, a connection line to the diversified human race. With any new media, however, one has to stand back a little and view the wider angle. ALL media will have some pitfalls. Currently, social media and the sharing process is NOT regulated, and anything posted, will be part of the internet historical record….sometimes forever!

Healthy | Mindful | Wealth

Twitter contact: T.E.A.M. @gabriellebourne. Ask questions at hashtag #TEAMSOUNDOFF

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© 2010  |  Gabrielle Bourne – T.E.A.M. @gabriellebourne

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Don’t follow the “Trendies”

February 7, 2010 at 22:43 (Social Media)

At a recent Mastermind Group meeting, one of our clients asked a question about Social Media that opened the flood gate for other similar questions; “Why are there so many Social Media ‘experts’ not even qualified themselves?”

In the past few months, we too have come across not less than a dozen “Social Media wannabees” practicing without the necessary experience. There is nothing wrong with people wanting to go into Social Media, except, when you start peeling back the layers you don’t get a nice sweet fruit, but an unflowered “pit.”

NO ONE should pay for Social Media expertise, UNLESS, the “Expert” has a unique perspective, that is not always common knowledge and widely used by average folks. Additionally, you should always judge a book by what they are toting and look for traction and their “following” histories especially on Facebook, linkedIn and Twitter.

Check out their status updates and any patterns in courses or seminars they have provided in the last year. Are they Social Media related? Check out their website and see if they provide any data in this field. If the answer is “No,” then do not waste your time, energy and resources hiring someone who has no track record in this arena.

Every Social Media site including the popular ones, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have resident “experts,” pro gratis, to help with every question imaginable. There are Google contents dedicated to Social Media.

You should also contact existing connections and friends who are more familiar with these sites. Use these resources FIRST prior to hiring a so called Social Media expert who, as it turns out, knows as much as you do, or not all they “claim” to be. We tested a whole bunch of them including a woman recently who would not answer any of our “basic” questions posed during one of her “free” seminars because the question we asked was for her “paid” classes, instead. What a load of crock!

Now back to the Mastermind. At the conclusion of that meeting, we formed a follow up meeting for everyone to bring ALL their challenges and questions related to Social Media. At the follow up meeting we tackled everyone’s challenges and questions, as a group, and provided resolutions with satisfactory conclusion. NO ONE paid for these resources!

Here is what you should look for in a Social Media expert:

1. What is their length of time dedicated to this field?
2. How many followers and connections do they have  on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter?
3. What is their Expertise? Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc?
4. Are they part of any associations for Social Media professionals?
5. What kind of traction do they have? I like to see there is a real “connection” between themselves and their “followers,” especially on the fan pages. Skip those that just put out information with no “connection’ to their fan base, or status updates with no real feed backs from their “friends.”

Healthy | Mindful | Wealth

Twitter contact: T.E.A.M. @gabriellebourne. Ask questions at hashtag #TEAMSOUNDOFF

© 2010  |  Gabrielle Bourne – T.E.A.M. @gabriellebourne

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