“Insanity rules” @TheView reboot: Same Look, different Co-hosts.

September 9, 2015 at 11:15 (Social Media, Women Empowerment, Your Bottom line)

Most of us know the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result.” Well, that is how ABC’s The View feels like with their latest reboot.

Granted, there will always be a mis-match in Human Capital when hiring and casting talent. Unfortunately, if you keep changing stripes each and every time a formula does not work…should you NOT change the formula? The View changes co-hosts as often as I re-decorate my livable space.

It is also painful to watch this constant “Overdraft” happening in front of my eyes. Please STOP the insanity! The producers think that by changing the set, it will be a different show. This goes for the parade of co-hosts past and present. I happened to LIKE Rosie O’Donnell and Rosie Perez. Their departures, especially Rosie Perez’s reminded me that ABC’s The View is no different than the Today Show on how they handled Ann Curry on the air. It was quite painful to watch Rosie Perez tearfully say her good byes on air! SO CRUDE!!!

The producers should take a playbook out of CBS The Talk, instead. The ladies of The Talk have a RELATIONSHIP with their audience, both in front of and their television viewers. They are engaging and collabourative. They agree to disagree, without getting nasty about it. In addition EVERYONE’S opinions MATTER! Importantly, they have a winning FORMULA. You definitely know the direction of the programme, beginning, middle and an end. It is very basic, like the evening news, BUT it works!

I TRIED to give this NEW reboot of The View a try. It was terrific to see Joy Behar back in the co-host chair. I was a FAITHFUL viewer of The View at inception and launch; but honestly MOVED on to the ladies of The Talk in recent years. It is also nice to see Candice Cameron Bure, but a bit taken aback that she was not MORE involved at the beginning of the show, discussing of all things debate over Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis. I am a Liberal who knows how wrong this move was by the producers, regardless how ABC tried to spin it!

Regardless, I wish The View well, and hopefully ABC and the producers can work with the current talent to produce a show worth VIEWING!

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    TV programs have gone the way of the dinosaur.

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