“Stand in YOUR Truth”

April 10, 2011 at 11:15 (Business Development, Ethics, Money & Finance, Your Bottom line)

We have been admirers of Suze Orman since the 90’s. In 2005, we produced the programme “Young Fabulous and Broke” using Suze’s book of the same name and in 2007, “Women and Money” where we also promoted the “Save Yourself Plan” through TD Ameritrade. In 2012, we will be back with another popular Suze book, “The Money Class” where she engages readers to “Stand in your truth.”

What we admire about Suze Orman is her “no nonsense” approach to personal finance. She definitely puts things into perspective and; some would say “too direct;” but does one have to be “meek” when it comes to a “reality check?” We believe that “Political Correctness” has all but destroyed our civilization as we know it to the point that there are very few people standing in their own truth and others “afraid” to say it like they mean it.

We do not want to scout around an issue looking to “feel” our way around for a “proper response.” If someone asks for our honest opinion, we will tell it, without being abashed. If we see something wrong, it will be addressed head on…”appropriately.” Calling it like you see it is not about “name calling,” attacking the person or being down right vicious. It is about providing a response that directly addresses the matter, without being malicious.

Suze Orman uses the phrase “Stand in your truth,” that in order to make significant positive changes in one’s own life, you have to be authentic. Whilst Suze applies this meaning to personal finance, we apply this to business and the troubling trend we are unearthing.

In today’s business environment, people can “hide” behind walls like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn spewing”quotes” and guiding people’s lives, but then we always wondered; who are these people? What is their background? How did they get started? Why should we believe anything they have to say?

Unfortunately, the contents of most websites do little to dispel the “myth” about the person who is the principal. Other than some “questionable” testimonials from “friends,” there is nothing unique to distinguish the “claims” this person makes about his/her “business.” Some are not even legitimate businesses. For instance, if you check ANY State business filings online, you can see ALL RELEVANT and “legitimate” businesses listed.

After a recent incident in one our beta programmes where participants were caught lying about their business status, we did a complete search. We were shocked how many of them were “Administratively dissolved” by the State for FAILING to file their ANNUAL REPORT, so in essence calling themselves an Inc., LP or LLC without “proper authority.” A few got “reinstated” after paying the hefty penalty fee and others just started a new business, without even bothering about their old business. Still others changed their business name like a baby changing a diaper and unfortunately, for some, nothing matched up with what they were currently doing. BLOWS YOUR MIND! Would you do business with such “questionable” entities?

We prefer “consistency in productive output” and REAL experts! History is important, but one does have to weigh a new business or a shift in business model with logical flow. If a person has too many “outstanding” businesses over a short period of time that resembles a “Start, stop and start,” with no logical flow, you need to question motive. For instance, if the business started out as a public relations firm, then decided they were financial planners; this would not be a logical flow. However, if the public relations firm added social media expertise, that would make sense.

Businesses should also “get” the importance of communications, “deadlines” and abiding by legal guidelines for their business. This to us shows “responsible and accountable business practices.”

If you “stand in your truth,” you will hold others to a higher degree…and by all means, you should!

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ADDENDUM (04-11-11) Since posting this blog, we received email comments from those who had their businesses “Administratively dissolved” by the State. Some of them got reinstated after paying the fee, “claiming” they did not know when their Annual Report was due. Others stated they just wanted to do something else and let the State take care of dissolving their business. To ALL, we say, “That is just plain laziness,” with all due respect. Most states send reminders of their Annual Report or Biennial statements, with a figure and fee for failing to file the report. In the matter related to dissolution, most states charge a nominal fee, such as $35.00 to “Voluntarily dissolve” your own business. THERE IS NOT EXCUSE FOR LAZINESS! To “Stand in YOUR Truth” is to take ownership of your responsibilities. Be accountable! If you fail in taking care of your own business, how can you “honestly” take care of anyone else?

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  1. Bethany Marks said,

    You hit this one out of the ball park. Amazing how many do not look up businesses. I do all the time after I felll into a sham business claims. The woman clearly did not know what she was doing, but I believed everything her fanfriends said on Facebook about her. Come to see that she does not even own the business, it belongs to someone else. Thanks for saying it.

    • Carol CeeCee said,

      Hello Bethany, that happened to me too. I was working with this person and all their credentials checked out so I thought and discovered that this person was not registered and did not have the proper license. It is more common than you think.

  2. Rebecca B said,

    I totally agree people are so lazy in today’s world that they fail to see their own shortcomings and then start blaming others and things for their own failings. It is so ridiculous that I don’t listen to them anymore. I am tired of why they can’t and don’t do better. I just tell them, just do it and don’t play the blame game anymore. Thanks for this blog as your other blogs which I enjoy reading immensely.

  3. Robert G. said,

    This is very cool! Finally a blog that says it. So sick of political correctness. Too many people hiding that you want to know what gives.

  4. Carol from CA said,

    Hi there, does anyone know what happens when a person changes their name? I had a situation where a “spiritual coach” decided to change her first name, but kept her last name. It was a variation of her first and middle names which sounds similar but different spelling. I saw that her business was defaulted by the state but the next year she was back with a new sounding name, but similar but with a different first name. Can she do that? Thanks.

    • gabriellebourne said,

      Hi Carol,

      As per my email to you, I would avoid this person “Like the plague.” I comment here in public for the benefit of others who also might have a similar inquiry. Unless it is a “legal” name change or this person has filed tax returns under the different name for at least (7) years and/or friends, family and business associates know her for at least (3) years with this NEW NAME, this person is committing “fraud.” You also have to ask yourself why is this person registering a new business name when she was not even responsible to keep her old business name current? I find this all rather disturbing, and again, there are too many questions to even take this person seriously. You also should NOT be promoting a business you don’t even have, and if this person was using a business name that was not even registered, then she is indeed a fraud.

      Gabrielle 🙂

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