Another SCAM event?

February 15, 2011 at 11:05 (Education, Ethics, Health and wellness, Money & Finance, Relationships)

Recently, we had a conversation with a colleague who was attending an event of a well known Motivational Speaker. In our view, he is known for making “lots” of money on the backs of hard working people. Whilst his message was interesting…nothing new or “earth shattering”…he was able to “hook” unsuspecting people to come to his events that cost hundreds of dollars. He not only expected them to pay, but did plenty of “upselling” before his event to ensure that he made even MORE money off these “suckers.”

Personally, we are ALL for events that are “altruistic” in nature that support the success and achievements of others. There are excellent examples of great events that do just that! Then, there are those organisers who approach their events with one “conflict of interest after another,” organising an event” that showcases themselves and their “friends.” They even promote themselves with tag lines such as “#1 Internet Marketer,” The “Greatest” Marketing mind, the “Worlds Top” Marketing Experts. Who determines these titles anyways? If you see one…RUN AWAY!

Anytime an event promotes “You can make money in your sleep” and talks about the Internet, we TRASH IT! Come on…have you REALLY met anyone that actually made money in their sleep this way? We have interviewed not less than 80 business owners/entrepreneurs in one such community and none of them did. We even conducted a focus group of 566 in 2009, and none of them did either. So, could these organisers who run their own show be blowing a giant smoke screen? Perhaps.

Be aware and just make it happen for yourself!

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