Shattering Misconceptions, Part II: Seems too Organized? “Fear is the Mind Killer”

February 7, 2011 at 14:57 (Health & Wellness, Money & Finance, Relationships, Women Empowerment)

We recently conducted an exit interview with a woman who was accepted into our latest beta programme, “What S.M.A.R.T. Women Know.” Please note for the value of this blog, she only experienced the first week of the twelve week programme. The first week is dedicated to introductions, where participants introduce themselves to each other, in their respective group dynamics. The “meat” of the programme is week II to XI.

This woman relayed to us that our programme, from her experience, seemed “too organised.” She felt that down the road we would want “something” from her, like “money.”  We advised her that our programme was altruistic and sponsor underwritten. No monies EVER exchanged hands with participants. The primary goal of this beta programme was to mine data for future events and; to assess the viability of such an undertaking. We do NOT sell to participants.

The “organisational” process was credited to the people that made it happen. They included our volunteer staff who were experts in their field; Moderators/Mentors who dedicated their weeks to this programme; Keynotes who presented each week and; Advisory and Training Advisory members. Quality people bring quality to the table!

Nevertheless, we validated this woman’s “fear” since change has to come from within and; “fear is the mind killer.” Her bad experience(s) of the past has crippled her in the present. It was shameful that some Organisers run their show with no checks and balances. They charge enormous fees, with no guarantees. They promote their friends as instructors and keynotes, with no credible experience. Some Organisers are a one person show, with “claimed” expertise in ALL subject areas. One cannot be an “expert” in everything and if they claim they are? RUN AWAY!

It is natural, of course, to have doubts. We are the sum total of our past experiences. While many programmes are worth the time and investment, some are disingenuous and built as a “cash flow” vehicle for the Organiser(s), and NOT a viable resource for the attendees. Programmes of the latter nature do spoil the good image for those programmes that strive to do good. We leave the final judgement up to the attendees.

We don’t like wasting time and do not want anyone to waste their time either. So, when we were approached by this woman to leave the programme, we did not stand in her way. Interestingly, this woman “changed her mind” and wanted to continue with the programme, even stating she would be there for the next session. WE HAD OUR DOUBTS.

After 12 years profiling people as a profession, we felt that this woman was not sincere in wanting “back into the programme”  We sent her an exit survey, in any event. Did we we assess her personality correctly? You bet! As it happened, she changed her mind again the VERY next day.

“What S.M.A.R.T. Women Know” is a Program that is NOT for the “faint of heart.” This programme is designed for women who “want to make things happen” in a BIG way. So, the next time, you see us in your neck of the woods, make sure you want it, or don’t sign up. We say this honestly and without malice.

MORE information: What S.M.A.R.T. Women Know

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