Multitasking diminishes brain activity

May 17, 2010 at 19:38 (Health and wellness, Women Empowerment)

There has been countless research conducted on the subject matter of multitasking and brain cells. Multitasking does little to increase brain activity. Matter in fact, it does exactly the opposite. Studies have shown that when an individual engages in two of more activities at the same time, it limits the brain’s capacity, thus diminishing the output results of each task. This puts you at risk for mistakes that sometimes can be fatal, such as texting and driving.

The same level of caution can be applied to the job force where employees are put to task on several varied activities simultaneously that can result in dangerous and costly outcomes, i.e. traffic accident that result in death, serious work-related injury, or a financial mistake at the expense of the company.

The ability to focus and efficiently execute a single task should be rewarded. Skills should be based on effectively managing the task at hand and not on the ability to be a “juggler.” This will eliminate costly mistakes, injuries, deaths and protect the efficiency of your gray matter called the brain.

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Addendum: Whilst writing this blog, we thought a lot about the serious problem of texting and driving. We believe that the Oprah Winfrey No Phone Zone Pledge can help save lives through awareness. Save a life and sign up today. We signed up for no texting and using a handsfree device. How will you make an impact today?

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